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General & Family Dentistry

At True Dental, we value the importance of a healthy and confident smile for your entire family. That’s why our general and family dentistry services in Chattanooga, Hixson, and Trenton provide a comprehensive range of dental care treatments that suit patients of all ages. They aim at preventing, diagnosing, and treating common oral health issues and focus on keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth in excellent condition.

The Benefits of Our General & Family Dentistry Services

  • Preventive Care: Regular check-ups and dental cleanings help prevent dental problems like cavities and gum disease. Early detection and intervention are key to avoiding more extensive and costly treatments. Caries (Dental Cavities) are the #1 most prevalent disease according to the Word Heath Organization and are treatable and preventable through quality care and education.
  • Oral Health Maintenance: General dentistry focuses on maintaining optimal oral health. It helps ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy, functional, and free of pain or discomfort.
  • Education: Our dental professionals provide valuable education on oral hygiene practices, such as brushing, flossing, and diet choices. This knowledge empowers you to better care of your oral health at home.
  • Early Detection of Issues: Routine exams and X-rays allow us to identify dental issues in their early stages. This enables timely treatment and prevents problems from worsening.
  • Customized Treatment: Our team provides individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs, whether it's a simple dental cleaning or a more complex procedure.
  • Family-Focused: Our general dentistry services are family-friendly, accommodating patients of all ages. It's convenient for families to have one trusted dental provider for everyone's oral health needs.
  • Patient Comfort: Our dentists prioritize patient comfort and offer solutions for dental anxiety or phobia to ensure a more pleasant experience.
  • Consistency: Regular dental visits foster a consistent and ongoing relationship with your dentist. This familiarity can lead to better communication and more personalized care.
  • Overall Health: Oral health is closely connected to overall health. General dentistry helps maintain oral health, which can positively impact systemic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Are You Looking for Reliable General and Family Dentistry Services?

Whether you require a routine cleaning, dental exam, or other dental services, True Dental is here to provide exceptional care for you and your loved ones. Our expert team is committed to being your family’s trusted dental home. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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