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Are you looking for a quick and effective way to transform your smile? You're in the right place! At True Dental in Chattanooga, Hixson, and Trenton, we offer dental veneers, a fantastic solution for achieving a radiant, flawless smile.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin shells, typically made of porcelain, that are custom-designed to fit over the front surface of your teeth. They conceal imperfections and create a stunningly beautiful and natural-looking smile.

What Issues Can Veneers Fix?

  • Stained or Discolored Teeth: Veneers can cover stubborn stains that don't respond well to whitening treatments, giving you a permanently bright smile.
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth: If you have minor chips or cracks, veneers can restore your teeth to their original glory.
  • Gaps and Spaces: Veneers can close small gaps between teeth, providing a more uniform and attractive smile.
  • Misaligned Teeth: While not a replacement for orthodontic treatment, veneers can improve the appearance of mildly misaligned teeth, creating the illusion of a straighter smile.

How Is the Veneer Process Done?

  • Consultation: We discuss your goals and evaluate your oral health to determine if veneers are right for you.
  • Preparation: A thin layer of enamel is gently removed from the teeth to make space for the veneers.
  • Impressions: Precise impressions of your teeth are taken to create custom veneers that fit perfectly.
  • Placement: The veneers are bonded to your teeth using a strong adhesive, and necessary adjustments are made to ensure a comfortable fit.

Ready to Transform Your Smile with Veneers in Chattanooga, Hixson, or Trenton?

If you're ready to unveil your perfect grin, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with our highly trained dentists at True Dental. We're here to help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed of – one that radiates confidence and beauty. Contact us today to take the first step toward your smile makeover experience!

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