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Teeth Whitening

If you’re longing for a dazzling, confident smile that lights up a room, look no further than professional teeth whitening at True Dental in Chattanooga, Hixson, or Trenton! Our patient-tailored whitening system delivers noticeable and dramatic results using a bleach solution containing potassium nitrate and fluoride. Besides reducing sensitivity, this unique combination leaves your teeth stronger than ever.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular, with countless over-the-counter options available. However, professional teeth whitening offers numerous benefits that set it apart from DIY solutions.

  • Safe and Effective: Professional teeth whitening is administered by trained dental professionals, ensuring it is both safe and effective. We use high-quality, regulated whitening agents that provide consistent results without compromising your dental health.
  • Customized Treatment: One size does not fit all when it comes to teeth whitening. Our skilled team will assess your unique dental needs and customize a treatment plan that suits you best. Whether you have stubborn stains, yellowing, or discoloration, our approach is tailored to deliver the results you desire.
  • Quick Results: Professional teeth whitening offers rapid results. You can achieve a noticeably brighter smile in just one or a few sessions. This is especially beneficial if you have an upcoming special occasion or want to boost your self-confidence quickly.
  • Long-Lasting Effects: The effects of professional teeth whitening can last for a long time, provided you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid excessive consumption of staining agents like coffee, tea, or tobacco. Our treatments are designed to provide lasting value.
  • Reduced Sensitivity: Over-the-counter whitening products can sometimes lead to tooth sensitivity. With professional teeth whitening, we use techniques and products that minimize the risk of discomfort while delivering stunning results.
  • Enhanced Confidence: A bright, white smile can significantly boost your self-esteem and confidence. Whether it's a job interview, a special event, or everyday life, you'll feel more comfortable and empowered with a radiant smile.
  • Comprehensive Oral Assessment: Our team will thoroughly examine your oral health before starting any teeth whitening treatment. This ensures any underlying dental issues are addressed, providing a solid foundation for your whitening procedure.
  • Professional Guidance: When you choose professional teeth whitening at True Dental, you benefit from the guidance of experienced dental professionals who can answer your questions, address concerns, and provide valuable advice on maintaining your newly whitened smile.
  • Safe and Regulated Materials: Our teeth whitening procedures use high-quality and regulated whitening agents, ensuring your safety and the effectiveness of the treatment. You can trust that our methods are both safe and reliable.

Are You Considering Professional Teeth Whitening in Chattanooga, Hixson, or Trenton?

At True Dental, we don't just brighten your smile – we enhance your overall dental health and well-being. Our professional teeth whitening is a comprehensive approach that prioritizes your safety, satisfaction, and long-term results. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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